Thursday, 17 November 2016

How to Cure Tonsillitis in Natural Way

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Cure Tonsillitis in Naturally
Cure tonsillitis in natural way is the one of the biggest question in all those have been facing tonsillitis problem from long time or I must say who is suffering from such problem frequently and need to get around of antibiotics to overcome from the problem. After getting tonsillitis problem frequently most of the time people move to find out natural way to be cured, so here I am going to share with you how you can be cure by using a single way to be cure naturally, but that is depend on the cause, if it not is including any in depth cause then most probably it will go away, otherwise I have shared all around information to cure tonsillitis problem in my e-book.

Single Way to Cure Tonsillitis Natural Way-

Okay, it was time when I was suffering from tonsillitis problem and having always tension in my mind, I did not wanted to work hard from my heart and always thought about what happen to me? these types of thinking I did have.

So, somewhere I was with a teacher who is a real fan of Ayurveda, as we are discussing about healing highly dangerous decease and their remedies, during the discussion, I have shared that I have been facing tonsillitis problem, tell me any effective remedies for this, he laughed at me and shared with me the effective way, well even I understand in that time why it is one of the most effective way.

Because, I have shared this remedy with many those are facing frequent problem of any thing, but taking dose of this remedy depend on the decease, well I am talking about turmeric, there are three ways to take turmeric-
  1. Turmeric powder with vegetables
  2. Turmeric powder with milk
  3. Turmeric juice
The last one is most effective way to overcome for tonsillitis problem, yes the same pretty method help me a lot from overcoming from tonsillitis problem but for my case it was frequent or recurrent so it takes time to overcome and that's why I have created this blog to share with you guys all information related to tonsillitis and I wanted to help all those are facing problem from tonsillitis.

And I am sure it will be very helpful, that's why even I have written the whole e-book about tonsillitis which will help you a lot, because it is having all details guide and of course my own case study to overcome from tonsillitis problem.

So, here is the guide to take turmeric juice effectively that's why you will get best result out of it-
  • Just make a juice of raw turmeric
  • Take one tea spoon of turmeric juice
  • Once take one sip of turmeric juice and let it to be go through your throat slowly that's it, take such juice for twice a day for two to three days.
  • You will see massive improvement in it.
Other than these there are many other ways to overcome from tonsillitis problem but what I have shared with you right this is just amazing, because I got this tips from someone special and it worked for me, hope it will work for many even for you.

How to be Safe from Tonsillitis Problem in Future-

It is simple, you just need to find out the reason behind tonsillitis problem, once you will be able to identify the problem, it will be easier for you to stay safe from this problem, even then let me share with you few tips and tricks those will help you, what I am doing these days to be safe from such problem-
  1. Avoid facing frequent change in weather 
  2. Avoid drinking cold drink and of course cold water
  3. Gargle with salty water in a week
  4. Eat protein rich foods to maintain good health
  5. Try to meet doctor at least in a month after recovery then you can avoid this but always talk to doctor about it just to be safe side.
  6. Eat fruits and juice
  7. Drink water frequently to make your throat dry free
  8. Do exercise daily and walking few kilo meters is the best with simple immunity boosting exercises.
That's it, this will help you, at least I can hope and say, because these things I did and it worked for me, so it will work for you.

Monday, 7 November 2016

White Spot on Tonsil: Immediately Things Need to Avoid

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Things Need to Avoid, White Spot on Tonsil,
If you have seen white spot on tonsil or yellow spots on tonsil then I am sure you have tonsillitis problem,so if you are in this condition then you need to avoid few things immediately which is really necessary, do you know why? For knowing more about Sings and symptoms of tonsillitis read this article.

Because, it happened you.

There are few reasons of tonsillitis-
  1. May be some internal weakness
  2. Immunity problem
  3. Virus problem
  4. Because of fever
  5. Water problem, well there are many reasons behind of it.
But, most important reason behind is virus, yes of course what is the reason behind writing this article is, to let you know why you need to avoid few things if you have seen such spot on tonsil.

Immediately Things Need to Avoid After Seeing White Spots on Tonsil-

  • Stop smoking
  • Don't drink cold water
  • Don't take tea or coffee 
  • Don't eat too much spicy and of course fast food
  • Try keep yourself away from frequent weather change
Of course these things you need to avoid, there are certain things you can do, which will be awesome for home remedies, here is the list-
  • Increase water intake, if possible little warm
  • Gargle with saline but little warm water
  • Do exercise helps to overcome from tonsillitis problem
  • If it is there for more than two days then take doctor advice
  • Eat protein rich food for maintaining health, you can eat fruits, which would be great

Friday, 23 September 2016

Why Do I Keep Getting Tonsillitis

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Keep Getting Tonsillitis, recurrent tonsillitis
Why Do I Keep Getting Tonsillitis? Are you getting frequent tonsillitis problem then you have to be careful and need proper information to overcome from such problem well, I don't know what is your condition right now but yes if you are getting frequent tonsillitis problem then I will suggest you go to doctor and if possible ENT would be best and then get information about it, now yes if you will get antibiotic then probability of keep getting tonsillitis (it means getting your tonsil inflammation because of virus or any other attack) problem will not stop.


Because, antibiotics can not help you to overcome tonsillitis problem from its root, so what next? May be doctor will told you to go for surgery in medical language it is called tonsillectomy (My motto to save you from this surgery), but I will recommend you to go for it directly without trying my solution, because I was in the same condition and having always tension about it, that what happened to me and I was always thinking about it and it was bad time for me, but yes for that bad time today I can help lot of people to overcome such problem.

Here are Reasons for Keep Getting Tonsillitis-

Well, there is no specific reason behind of keep getting tonsillitis but yes you can come to know about it after reading this article, I hope if you are keep getting tonsillitis problem then easily you come to know about it after all your tonsil inflammable by virus, most of the time it is happened because of virus attack.
  • Virus attack most of the time
  • Immune problem (Which can not be solve instantly)- This is the big reason tonsillitis do not go away by itself, the solution is provided in my e-book because I overcome from such situation
  • Health problem may be fever- this is also one of the issue for getting tonsillitis problem because when first I talk to doctor about it he asked me about it and I did not have but many face problem because of fever too.
  • Eating too much sweets frequently.
  • Eating too much spicy food
  • Not brushing and not using tongue clearly daily (twice)
  • Not drinking lot of water, gets your throat dry and hence attack of virus will increase
  • May be environmental condition also
  • Frequent change in weather
I found these are main causes of tonsillitis problem, but you need to find out the big reason for your case and need to stay away from it as possible from your side.

How to Overcome from Pain on Tonsil Almost Instantly-

I know one of my uncle keep getting tonsillitis problem but he did not have any type of white or yellow spot on tonsil, he had a problem of pain on his tonsil, so I have suggested him few things to do and after then he always got help instantly all the time.

Yeah, here is the tips for you, if you wanted to get overcome from pain because of tonsillitis then just do one thing-
  1. Take a cup of water and half tea spoon salt
  2. Put it on the oven and let it be become homogeneous mixture.
  3. Now take out of it and keep in cool place to let it be warm that's why you can gargle.
  4. Now take a sip of water salt water and then gargle that's it.
  5. Gargle for four to five times and then take rest you will feel much better.
Hope it will work for you.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Is Tonsillitis and Strep Throat The Same Thing?

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onsillitis And Strep Throat
No, in single word I must say the answer to this question, reason is simple both are different but yes the cause is same most of the time because tonsillitis and Strep both happened because of virus but there are different viruses, sometimes its gone without taking any medicine and sometimes it takes time to go away and many cases it is recurrent there you need to take little care about it.

Okay, lets discuss more about Strep throat, strep throat is a decease which is caused by virus, there are many viruses can be cause but most of the time it happened only because of streptococcus, yes I came to know about it from one of the local ENT doctor, because one of my friend was suffering from this problem that's why I came to know about it and it is having any relation or not with tonsillitis I talk to him about it, because I was suffering from tonsillitis problem.

What Are Home Remedies for Strep Throat and Tonsillitis Problem-

Okay, I know  people want home remedies because they don't wanted to go outside and they thought this is a most common problem yes they are right, I mean you are right, but when it becomes recurrent then it becomes really difficult to be solved by home remedies, the same thing I have face and I have shared all about it in details in my e-book.

Here are some effective home remedies for strep and tonsillitis problem-
  • Drink water very frequently, but don't drink cold water
  • Don't drink any type of cold drink
  • Drink hot milk with turmeric powder will work like charm in these cases
  • Gargle with saline warm water
  • Eat non spicy healthy food at least during these problems will help to recover faster

What to Do If Tonsillitis And Strep Throat is Recurrent-

This is one of the big issue see dear if you are facing such problem, then I will highly recommend you to take by e-book and read it. See it is not lengthy but it is effective e-book for those who has been suffering from recurrent tonsillitis problem and I am sure there are many got help from the e-book you are also going to get help from it.

Okay, here are few quick tips I would like to share with you, if you are facing these problems very often that means you are having internal weakness or may be you have immunity problem, here let me share with you, may be you have bad breadth problem also.

Because those face tonsillitis problem they face bad breadth problem too, so here I am going to tell you the best way to beat it with proper guidance of doctor of course you need to get, but the one of the long time most effective thing you need to do that is Yoga, which is really helpful.

See, I know there are many those face lot of problem but they don't want to do yoga because it feels them boring, let me tell you dear if you are also one of them then just do yoga for 30 days yes do it effectively any five yoga daily.

After 30 days you don't need to push yourself, it will come from your inner side that you need to do yoga because it is having lot of benefits, therefore every business person do yoga or exercise daily, so you also need to do it.

Hope this information will help you to find out solution for the problem.

Monday, 15 August 2016

White Spot on Tonsil With No Pain Solution Inside

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White Spot on Tonsil, No Pain Solution Inside
This is one of the major problem when you will see some sticky little bump white or yellowish patches on the tonsil and you always try to see it again and wanted to overcome such problem and it also happen with you that you have gone to ENT specialist couple of times ever then no result, so what to do, may be you have many thing but always thinking about that is it cancer something like that.

If you are going through all these things then you are in the right place, how? Because little something in the same phase I have gone through for at least six months, its all about mantle pressure that what will happen? What is it? Why this is not going? Always try to look at it? Even someone of your friend might to told you avoid seeing on mirror and these that.

What is the name of having white spots on tonsil-
Not only tonsil those white spot can be on pharynx and that is also know as pharyngitis and having white spot on tonsil is known as tonsillitis, see tonsil itself good not a diseases, it is really necessary and it works like health guard which help us to keep our body virus free and free infection causes from virus and when virus are more in that time it itself inflammation by virus that is called as tonsillitis, in simple words you can say tonsil is good for us.

Why Tonsillectomy is Not Recommended-
Well, I know there are many those don't have patience and after getting frequent white spot on tonsil, they always went to doctor and go for surgery which is called tonsillectomy and which I don't recommend anyone because that's the last option and if you are getting such white spot then I will suggest you to go through the article you will get very good information about this issue, because I have been in the same situation, having tension what is it and what happened to me and these that thought but after learning about it in depth I came to know almost all things about it, so this blog I have created because of that, hope this blog post will help lot of people those are suffering from the same condition, which I was in.

Okay let me tell you the real story about it-

How I Came to Know about White Spot on Tonsil-

There are many those usually see teeth, if they have white teeth its great if they don't have then even it is good, always people wanted to see such teeth and even inner side of the mouth, there are many even having frequent mouth ulcer, I will talk lot on these topics in this blog only, because lot of experience in it.

One day, I was looking at the ulcer inside my mouth, it was common for me, because it happened with me, when happened I usually take some precaution through doctor and within couple of days its gone, simple till that time no problem.

But, in that day I saw a little white spot or yellow spot on the tonsil, so I was wanted to know about and I have search in the internet about it and found lot of information including taking off my tonsil that can be done through surgery and later I came to know benefits of tonsil in our body, so immediately I went to an ENT specialist and talk about the issue he told me that this is normal and it will be gone with time.

With that he has given me a liquid to gurgle and through for 15 days and its gone after using five days, but guess what just after seven days I have seen the same condition, but yes I did not feel any pain, many feel pain on tonsil when they have tonsillitis and there are many have such problem.

But, I did not have any pain, well it is also possible with you, because I have already talk with many doctors regarding this.

Let me tell you dear just after taking precaution, advice and of course regular Yoga help me to overcome such problem, late I will share with you my whole e-book solve your tonsillitis problem from root, that is for sure, because I know this is going to help lot of people indeed.

So, that is how I came to know White Spot on My Tonsil with No Pain, okay let me share with you what are causes for having white spot on tonsil-
  1. Virus attack [Most of the time]
  2. Vomiting
  3. Any kind of internal infection and so on

What to Do When You Have White Spot on Tonsil-

This is one of the simple but most important step, first you need to be aware all about, I mean first you have to confirmed that you have tonsillitis and what type of is it, then only you will go through steps, see may be you are one of them someone of your known suffering from the same problem.

Here are few steps to do-
  1. First of all see the size and is it painful or not, if not painful and size is simple let it will be resolve by itself, I mean don't take tension just let it will be solve itself.
  2. If it is not going in the next two to three days maximum five days, directly go to ENT specialist and if possible go for a test for understanding about like swab test.
  3. Because based on the test, doctor will be easily give you just perfect antibiotic for solving the issue.
  4. If it is tonsil stone then don't worry it will resolve by itself only, but you need to take advice from doctor.
Now, hopefully you will come from these white patches, okay beside medicine what you can do in I will discuss with you in the next section.

Home Remedies If You Have White Spots on Tonsil-

Well, there are many ways you can overcome from such problem if it is not recurrent, but yes sometimes it takes little time to go away, sometimes you have to take antibiotic or may be go through test (throat swab test to know about the virus) and sometimes even go away through home remedies.

I tried all but did not get any help because I did have recurrent tonsil problem, but today I got the solution to such problem that's why I am sharing with you all these things that's why you will get perfect solution for you.

Okay, here are home remedies for you-
  1. Gargle twice with warm salt water
  2. Don't drink cold water
  3. Don't eat ice cream for little long even it has gone away
  4. If you have turmeric powder or can able to arrange turmeric juice then its great, just take a spoon juice or powered and then let it be gone through your throat slowly do it twice a day
  5. Drink too much water
  6. Take bed rest and sleep more
  7. Don't eat any spicy food for little long time
  8. Don't drink cold drink
  9. Be happy and tension free is the best one
  10. Don't try to look at the white spots very often

Solution for Recurrent White Spots on Tonsils-

Well, this is not good if you are going through recurrent tonsillitis means if it not coming without a reason and going after taking a round of antibiotics then you need to take care of it, exactly from the same situation I was suffering having tension in my mind and there are lot of thinking I was thinking about and even I was thinking about tonsillectomy (means taking out the tonsil through surgery), but after knowing the benefits of having tonsil in our body I was got surprised and then come to know that better to find out the root cause behind it.

For knowing the root cause behind it, I have started searching and start meeting and talking lot of people and of course ENT specialist then I came to know the real causes of it-
  • Immunity Problem
  • Virus attack
These are two most causes for recurrent tonsillitis problem and immunity problem can not be resolve with surgery so, I was confused what to do?

Because there were no solution to Allopathic medicine, well there are two more type of medicine present in this world where allopathic stop thinking there they start working so I moved to two most important sources-
  1. Ayurvedic and
  2. Homoeopathy
And of course YOGA, there I have started doing yoga for helping my body keep healthy because its all because of immunity problem and for boosting immunity you need to avoid eating-
  • Fast food like burger and these that
  • Cold drink
  • ice cream and of course spicy food
And one of the another BIG source of virus attack is sweet, so when you are suffering from this condition then take little sweet don't give totally because it is needed but take little, that is just great.

Okay, but for all these you need to consult doctor and with that you have to take care yourself but don't take tension its not dangerous if you will be in contact with doctor and having no pain means it is not that much dangerous most of time.

If you want to know more about tonsillitis related issues then I will  recommend you to buy my e-book which is having all details about solving this problem, okay lets talk about possible solution.

Actually, if you have recurrent tonsillitis that means you are having weak body so first of all you need to think about your health because it happened with weakness and most of the time immunity weakness.

What you can do for overcoming such recurrent tonsillitis problem-

I wanted to share with you in details what I did to overcome from such problem, see there is a root cause behind is weakness right, so you have to work on its weak point and need to know why it is happening, for me it happened because I eat sweets much so, doctor suggest me to eat sweets but less, if I usually eat four sweets a day then eat one sweet a day, if possible eat one sweet in every three days for good.

I did the same and got very positive result from it, so you can discuss the problem with doctors properly and try to find out a reason behind it, will be helpful.

Well, doctor and I have shared with you three modes for getting solution for your problem but if you have problem recurrent then you need to away from allopathic medicine, at least I have learn from my own problem, that's why I am saying this.

Here is the two most important solution-
  1. Yoga & 
  2. Homeopathy
Yes, two are most effective and help me a lot, if you are in India then you can choose any good homeopathy doctor with good tract recorder and of course it will take little time, I have also mention all these in my e-book.

Well, I know if you have landing this page and you have been reading this page till now then I am sure you are really sincere about your health okay then I will suggest you to go through all process hope this will help you.

Important Words from You-
I know having such problem always put mental pressure and I know taking right decision is most important, so here I have given all possible solution for having frequent or recurrent white spot on tonsil, it helps me and that's why it will help you.

Still having doubt don't forget to ask question below through comment? 

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

10 Habits Can Help You to Overcome from Tonsillitis Problem

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Tonsillitis Problem, Overcome from Tonsillitis
Tonsillitis is one of the most common problem among people and this is for sure that there are many those also suffered from recurrent tonsillitis and of course they need to take care about it, before it will create any problem for you, what you are going to get in this blog post, you will learn all time top habits can help you to overcome from tonsillitis problem in long run-

1. Exercise Daily And of Course with Proper Dedication, of course this is one of of the most effective way to get rid of it, here is found find out more about What Type of Exercises Works for Tonsillitis

2. Drink about 2 litres water daily

3. Wash your hand before eating anything

4. Be hygienic for everything- Like eating food, walking place, living place, even working or study place.

5. Don't eat street food, try to eat food at home

6. Go to doctor if is there for more than 5 days, ENT doctor is preferable

7. Don't sweets too much during these days

8. Always keep your self away from frequent weather change

9. Stay away from crowed place, it may happened to any other or can come back to again, but after sometimes it will okay, here find out why- Is Tonsillitis Contagious.

10. Take rest and eat timely of course need to brush your teeth properly.

I am sure these top 10 habits will help you a lot but yes there are two more most effective way to overcome from tonsillitis problem, I need to share with you.

Here are those two tips for you-

Tips 1 for Overcoming from Tonsillitis problem-
You need to gargle twice a day, with warm saline water, it will help you to feel better because it helps to reduce pain, because of tonsillitis problem.

Tips 2 for Overcoming from Tonsillitis problem-
Now big tips, may dear what I am going to share with you, that will help you a lot, that is the master home remedy for overcoming from tonsillitis problem, here is the tips-

  1. Take turmeric powder a tea spoon
  2. Now put it in your mouth
  3. Now, keep your throat up side and now
  4. Let turmeric powder go through your throat with saliva and I know it will take about 10 mins so better sit and do it.
This is the best one, one alternative is there if you can able to get turmeric juice and take it like the same, which is the most effective one to overcome from tonsillitis problem.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Is Tonsillitis Contagious Through Kissing

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Tonsillitis Contagious Through Kissing
This is the question In asked to my doctor, when I have first visited a pro doctor for only solving tonsillitis problem, so here I am going to share with all facts about "Is Tonsillitis Contagious Through Kissing".

In single word, I must say, Yes it is.

But, how?

Let me tell you in details, basically tonsillitis problem happened because of virus so if possible don't be contact with anyone who is ill, otherwise may be it can happen to that person and be the same after even overcoming from tonsillitis always try to avoid people those have such problem like cough, fever otherwise may be it will cause again tonsillitis at least for till some times, because in general it is happened because of immunity problem and to have good immunity system you need to do few things like-

  • Drinking lot of water 
  • Eating good food and of course at the same time you need to avoid eating junk or fast food
  • Now the next step dear, try to keep yourself away from crowed people, because viruses spread there.
  • Always wash your hand before eating
  • And of course you need to read all ways to overcome from tonsillitis problem without antibiotics
I hope you got the answer for your question, now may be you wanted to overcome as quickly as possible from this problem right, but if you have recurrent tonsillitis problem then let me tell you dear it will take time to overcome because you can not have good immunity system in a month, you need to round of medicines and of course keep yourself in restriction from avoiding things, which is not good for health.

Here are few home remedies and things you need to do for overcoming from tonsillitis problem easily-
  1. Do exercise daily, it will help a lot for overcoming from tonsillitis problem.
  2. You need to take rest 
  3. Don't involved in eating ice cream
  4. Take warm saline water and gargle twice a day, it will help you to get relief from pain
  5. Always ready to do some physical work
Okay, let me share with you dear, what are main causes of tonsillitis problem become recurrent?-
  • Avoid in the earlier stage
  • Don't take medicine when you have tonsillitis
  • Taking too much sweets, which invites viruses
  • Brushing your teeth twice a day